What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do

Eradicating corruption, eliminating queues for kindergartens, reducing mortgage rates and other wonderful things ...

… All this was in the election program of the United Russia party. It was then that there was a "castling" between Putin and Medvedev, and they both made programmatic promises at the United Russia congress in the fall of 2011.

Video: Pre-election promises of "United Russia" in 2011

The election program of "United Russia" was published on сайте партии в конце сентября 2011 года (выборы в Госдуму были назначены на 4 декабря).

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

Ее содержание стало сюрпризом для наблюдателей, так как документ состоял лишь из речей Дмитрия Медведева и Владимира Путина на 12-м съезде ЕР. Хотя еще в мае того же года тогдашний российский премьер Путин распорядился создать Институт социально-экономических и политических исследований, сотрудники которого должны были собрать предложения экспертов и рядовых граждан со всей России.

Analyzed and systematized, these initiatives, as it was supposed, were supposed to draw up the United Russia electoral program, which was dubbed "people's" by the PR specialists.

But the voluminous "people's program", on which about 500 experts from all over the country worked and for which more than 1 million Russians were interviewed, was never accepted as a pre-election one.

Although the "pre-election program" consisted mainly of beautiful phrases, it also contained some specific plans and tasks.

1. Так, Путин говорил о задаче в течение пяти лет войти в пятерку крупнейших экономик мира.

He did not specify by what indicator - by GDP, calculated at purchasing power parity (takes into account the volume of goods and services that can be purchased in each country for one dollar), or by nominal GDP (the volume of the economy in dollars at the market rate).

Этого не произошло до сих пор.

2. "We need to return to what it was ... before the crisis (2008-2009), and unwind the flywheel of economic growth to 6-7% per year,

moreover, this should not be raw materials, but a qualitatively different growth, built on investments, advanced technologies, on increasing efficiency, creating a modern industry, ”Putin pointed out in 2011.

At that time, the Russian economy was adding 4.3 percent annually for two years. Since 2012, there has been a constant slowdown in growth - from 3.4% in 2012 to 0.6% in 2014, and in 2015 Russia's GDP lost 3.9%.

What happened next with "growth of 6-7% per year" can be seen on the graph.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

(Офф-топ: Кстати, вообще интересный график. По нему видно, что все эти тучные 2000-е годы начались еще в 1999 году, после дефолта 98-го. Именно тогда экономика очистилась от множества неэффективных предприятий, Россия стала больше экспортировать из-за падения рубля и т. д. И уже в следующем году экономика показала резкий рост. К 2005 году на этот взлет еще и наложились высокие цены на нефть.

That is, in reality, Putin has not done anything fundamental for economic growth since 2000. It's just that before him all the dirty work was done by the Chernomyrdin-Nemtsov cabinet, and then he was lucky with oil prices. All of Putin's work was aimed at redistributing the Russian economy between his "wallets", which was expressed in the process of its nationalization and monopolization. As a result, since 2011, the economy has stopped and gradually began to fall в стагнацию).

In these conditions, it is ridiculous to talk about "runway growth, catching up with global indicators," at a rate. On the contrary, Russia continues to increase the pace of lagging behind world development.

Moreover, over the past years it has become clear that in the Russian economy of the “Putin's version” no trends and points of growth have remained and are not expected in the future. She will continue to crawl along the bottom. And along with it, the well-being of Russians.

Nothing was done to remove the economy from the "oil needle", as promised in the 2011 United Russia election program.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

At the end of 2019, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation promised that "the share of oil and gas revenues in total federal budget revenues will decrease from 40.8% in 2019 to 35% in 2022," the ministry said in a statement in connection with the approval of the draft federal budget at a government meeting for 2020-2022.

То есть в 2020 году даже по официальным расчетам продажа нефти и газа составляют около 40% доходов бюджета РФ.

At the same time, the estimates of the Ministry of Finance consider only oil and gas, and there is also timber, coal, other minerals, low-worked metal, etc. Also, the estimate of the Ministry of Finance does not include general revenues from the oil and gas industry, which, depending on the task of such an assessment, can be would be attributed to “extended” oil and gas revenues, such as from oil and gas company tax or industry VAT.

По оценкам РБК доля только нефтегазовых доходов бюджета доходила в 2019 году до 60%... As before, the sale of Russia's national wealth is the basis for replenishing the treasury. The structure of the economy in favor of high-tech industries has not changed in 10 years.

План полностью провален.

3. In the public sector, at least 25 million modern jobs will be radically updated or created, in fact, every third job will be modernized, Putin promised. 

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

К 2020 году ни только ни создан хотя бы миллион таких рабочих мест. Наоборот, даже с обычными рабместами безработица бьет рекорды.

At the same time, for 10 years no one understood this and no one explained what “high-performance jobs” are. В январе 2020 года даже подконтрольная Кремлю Госдума публично признала, что реализовать эту идею не получится.

По мнению зампредседателя комитета Госдумы по экономической политике, промышленности, инновационному развитию и предпринимательству Владимира Гутенёва, реализовать эту программу не выйдет:

“There will be no 25 million new jobs. Before my eyes, the reconstruction of the Kalashnikov plant in Izhevsk took place. I've seen workshops where metalworking machines are being replaced with multifunctional machining centers. When I asked how many of the 540 people who worked remained to work, I was told - not at all.

... Business and social goals are two different things. If we endlessly subsidize production in order for them to fulfill social tasks, then we will be uncompetitive in the external and internal markets. With the introduction of new technologies and equipment, new jobs will not be created. "

Обещание было невыполнимым изначально. Это просто красивые пустые слова.

4. "By the end of 2014, the average wage in the country should increase by one and a half times"

- Putin said at the United Russia congress in 2011.

Formally, this promise was practically fulfilled - the nominal average monthly salary in Russia increased from 23,369 rubles in 2011 to 32,495 rubles in 2014. But a more important indicator here is real wages, which reflect the amount of goods and services that an employee can afford with the money received.

The growth of real wages by the end of 2014 was only about 15%, while slowing down every year. In 2016, a significant drop in real wages in Russia was recorded - minus 9% to the level of 2014.

And then everything only got worse ...

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

This is a graph from a report by the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation. If you look at the yellow line (real disposable income), then from 2016 to 2019 it almost did not rise above zero. This means that the real incomes of Russians only decreased. And this is data until 2020.

What indicators will be in coronavirus 2020? While this is unknown, but the trend is already clear to experts ...

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

То есть обещания властей ни то что ни выполнено, оно перевыполнено с отрицательным значением. Проще говоря, доходы за эти годы не выросли, а упали.

5. За ближайшие 10 лет (т. е. к 2021 году) в 2 раза увеличим объёмы дорожного строительства в стране.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

Успехи в этой сфере в основном состоят в росте цены строительства дорог. В России она одна из самых высоких в мире. И это при значительно меньших затратах на зарплату рабочей силы и цене материалов.

As for the length of roads, in China it is 70 times larger than the Russian Federation. Yes, China is richer than Russia, its economy is 8 times larger than the Russian one, but highways in China are no longer 8 times, but 70!

Качество дорог в России примерно такое:

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

That is, if you do not take federal highways, half of the roads in Russia are destroyed. However, many local roads are roads without asphalt. The proportion of paved roads decreased from 85.2% in 2006 to 70.4% in 2018.

Russia in the rating of the quality of roads compiled by the World Economic Forum, в 2019 году заняла 99-е место из 141 рассмотренной страны.

Проще говоря, объемы ввода новых дорог в 2 раза не выросли, а качество уже имеющихся за прошедшие годы ухудшилось. Россия так и остается страной с дефицитом дорог, их строительство здесь запредельно дорого и неэффективно, а уже имеющиеся дороги низкого качества.

6. "By 2016, we have to practically double the volume of housing construction, and above all it should be modern, affordable housing." 

This is what Putin promised in 2011. What is the reality? In the year of Putin's promise - 2011, 62.3 million square meters were built. m of housing. In 2019, the total volume of housing commissioned amounted to 82 million square meters. And this is a record in 2020 прогнозируется падение.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

According to the schedule of housing commissioning by years, it turns out that ...

... the twofold growth promised by Putin has not been achieved either in 2016 or until now.

7. “People rightly say that the opportunity to live with dignity, make a career, earn money, give a good future to children should be not only in capitals and large cities, but throughout the country - in any city and in any village in Russia. And here lies a huge potential for our development, for the development and arrangement of gigantic Russian territories. To do this, we need to fully disclose the principle of federalism as a competitive advantage of our country. "

... We must also support and strengthen local government. We will provide Russian regions and municipalities with more powers and financial resources.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

Глава Чеченской республики Рамзан Кадыров и руководитель Минфина РФ Антон Силуанов.

Про повышение роли местного самоуправления и децентрализации развития России за прошедшие годы просто смешно говорить. Всё делалось с точностью до наоборот.

Subjects of the Federation "have less and less independence every year, and their powers are less than in some unitary states.

В 2020 году на Москву и Подмосковье, где живут 14% населения России, приходится 20% инвестиций, 16% нового жилья, 24% доходов населения, 41% всех вкладов в российских банках, 25% доходов бюджета.

Or some more figures about the fairness of the development of the regions: 250 billion rubles were spent from the Moscow budget for the improvement in January-September 2019, the rather big Sverdlovsk region, together with the millionaire city of Yekaterinburg, has the entire budget - 260 billion rubles.

The highest level of subsidies is in Chechnya and Ingushetia: 80%. Dagestan and Karachay-Cherkessia have 70%.

Это антистимулирующая система. Регионам просто не нужно ничего развивать, достаточно уметь выбивать деньги из Москвы. Всё это приводит только к деградации экономики и собственно страны.

Why does the government, perfectly aware of this, do nothing to decentralize and destroy the redistributive system, when it is taken from the workers and given to those who cannot work? It's simple - no one there cares about the welfare of the country, but everyone cares about money and power.

Если регионы не будут ездить на поклон в Москву, зачем тогда вообще нужен Кремль? Как он будет контролировать губернаторов? Как, например, выкачивать из Ямала сырье через своих друганов, если у местной власти будет возможность влиять хотя бы на размер отчисляемых в местный бюджет налогов?

Yes, this system works negatively for the country, Russians outside of Moscow generally have no prospects, in the regions, in fact, a controlled level of poverty has been introduced ... So what? Who cares about it, the main thing is to retain power over the regions.

8. "In 5 years we must build at least 1 thousand schools in Russia, and over the same 5 years we should not have a single school in an emergency condition"

, - another promise of Vladimir Putin. There are no exact statistics on the construction of schools, but Rosstat provides data on the number of educational institutions. In the 2010/11 academic year, there were 50.1 thousand of them, by September 2015/16 there were 42.6 thousand of them.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

By the beginning of 2020, there were 40,823 schools left.Since 2001 (the beginning of Putin's rule), the number of schools and kindergartens in Russia has significantly decreased - kindergartens from 51 to 48 thousand, rural schools - from 46 to 24 thousand, urban - from 23 up to 18 thousand units. (Data of the Accounts Chamber for 2019).

И школ уже явно не хватает.

By 2019, approximately 13% of all schoolchildren are forced to study in the second and third shifts. According to Rosstat, in the 2018 academic year, 1.2 million students in grades 1-4 were engaged in the second and third shifts (17.4% of their total number), 782 thousand students in grades 5-9 (10.7%) and about 10 thousand high school students (0.7%).

As for "not a single school is in disrepair", in 2016 (the year of fulfillment of promises) the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva said that 550 school buildings are in disrepair, 8000 schools need major repairs.

В 2018 году более 700 российских школ находилось в аварийном состоянии, а девять тысяч школ требовали капремонта. Об этом тогда сообщала первый заместитель министра образования Валентина Переверзева.

В 2018 году провластный ОНФ приводил еще более пугающие цифры: каждая вторая школа в России находится в аварийном состоянии.

То есть обещания властей ни то что ни выполнено, стало намного хуже.

9. In 2011, the EP promised to revive the Russian pharmaceutical industry. "We must move away from dependence on transnational corporations"

- Putin said in this connection. By the end of 2015, it became clear that all this was empty talk.

"More than 70 percent of all drugs are either purely imported or contain a substance that is manufactured outside our country," said the head of the Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova in October 2015.

К 2020 году ситуация почти не изменилась.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

At the same time, the schedule does not take into account drugs that "contain a substance that is manufactured outside the Russian Federation."

Обещание не выполнено.

Квартиры обещали и ветеранам Второй мировой войны.

10. "We will achieve full fulfillment of our obligations to the participants in the Great Patriotic War to provide them with housing."

Уже в апреле 2016 года министр строительства и ЖКХ РФ Михаил Мень заявил, что более 10 тысяч ветеранов войны, включая 1297 фронтовиков и инвалидов Второй мировой, до сих пор жильем не обеспечены.

В апреле 2020 года российское правительство выделило свыше 352 млн рублей на обеспечение жильем ветеранов Великой Отечественной войны. Соответствующее распоряжение было опубликовано 5 апреля на официальном сайте кабмина РФ.

То есть до сих пор нуждающиеся в жилье участники войны есть и их много, судя по сумме. И это несмотря на уменьшение их числа за 10 лет.

11. В при веденном выше ролике Медведев, помимо прочего, говорит, что Россия не должна быть в международной изоляции.

Over the years, President Putin has achieved outstanding success in this area. In fact, Russia has only one ally left - Lukashenka, and that one insane. One!

Recall that in 2011 there were no sanctions or charges of cyber attacks and human poisoning. The parade in Moscow on May 9 was attended by the leaders of all significant world powers, and Russia was a member of the G8.

In 2020, foreign guests of the Victory Parade in Moscow were: President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, President of Moldova Igor Dodon, President of Serbia Alexander Vucic, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov and member of the Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Serbs Milorad Dodik. All.

12. Также в ролике Путин говорит, что ставка по ипотеке должна была к 2016 году упасть до 6-7%

Only in 2020 did the mortgage rate drop to a record low in the entire history of new Russia. In April, banks lent on average at 8,32% per annum. That is, this point has almost been reached. There is one percent left.

But the world did not wait for Russia these years ... For example, the mortgage rate in Eastern Europe, which is quite comparable in terms of the history of economic development with the Russian Federation, now ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 % per annum.

In this article there is not a word about the murder of Russian sports due to a doping scandal or about the war with fraternal Ukraine with thousands of victims. There is nothing about the increase in the number of political prisoners, the fight against advanced technologies, about the "landing for repost", the drain of brains and capital, the catastrophic decrease in the country's investment attractiveness, murders and attempts on political opponents, the fight against media freedom and the growing scale of election fraud, about the beating of citizens during peaceful protests, fabricated criminal cases and the total lack of control of the "siloviki", about the increase in the level of obscurantism in society and the predatory pension reform.

There is not a word about the fact that Russia has turned into a country without prospects and hope, and much more. It's just that all this was not promised, although this was precisely what was brought to life.

The promises of 2011 are not the first "rubbing in bullshit" from the Russian authorities. Even more revealing are their fantasies from 2008 called "Strategy 2020".

“Strategy 2020” is a document declaring the goals that the Russian government should have achieved until 2020. Approved by government decree on November 17, 2008. Концепция должна была использоваться как руководство при формировании документов, планов и показателей деятельности органов исполнительной власти.

По состоянию на 2020 год программа осталась нереализованной. Но что же было обещано?

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

Тут it is in the .pdf file.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

Что сделано:

  • It was planned to increase the share of Russia in the world economy from 3.2% of world GDP in 2007 at purchasing power parity (PPP) to 3.8% in 2015 and 4.3% in 2020. The share of Russia in world GDP in terms of PPP did not increase, but decreased - to 3,16% in 2017. In 2019, Russia ranked 50th in the world in terms of GDP per capita at PPP. Not fifth as planned.
  • GDP per capita was supposed to grow from 14 thousand dollars in 2007 to more than 30 thousand dollars in 2020, as written in the "Strategy" - to the average level of the member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). According to this indicator, Russia is not far from the target - $ 28,957. Only in the OECD countries (the most developed economies in the world) this figure is already about 45 thousand dollars.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

  • It was planned that Moscow would be a world-class financial center. In fact, due to complications in relations with the West and problems with the stability of the national currency rate according to the Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI), Moscow has been declining in the ranking of world financial centers. In 2018, the capital of Russia was ranked 83rd.
  • Провалилась вся программа, связанная с защитой инвестиций. За прошедшие с 2011-го годы прямые иностранные инвестиции практически обнулились из-за внешней политики.
  • Не удалось снизить занятость в бюджетном секторе.
  • Вместо интеграции вузовской науки в общемировую введены ограничения на контакт университетских преподавателей с иностранцами.
  • Не были реализованы даже скромные предложения по снижению репрессивности Уголовного кодекса и приведению к состоянию, адекватному рыночной экономике.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

  • Налоговые поступления от малого и среднего бизнеса не были перераспределены в пользу муниципалитетов, развитие бизнеса не стало приоритетом местных властей.
  • Фактически остановилась приватизация, во всех секторах экономики снижается уровень конкуренции.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

  • In 2008, the government wanted to halve the number of poor people - from 13.4 to 6−7% in 2020. This process is not proceeding according to schedule - there are approximately 13% in the country, even according to official data. According to experts, such 35% Russians.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

  • Не реализована программа увеличения адресности помощи бедным, создания универсального пособия для бедных вместо набора разрозненных выплат и идея минимального гарантированного дохода для людей в состоянии крайней бедности. Только сейчас начинает обсуждаться идея увеличения вычетов по НДФЛ до размера прожиточного минимума.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

  • Почти не осуществлена идея допуска гражданских организаций к оказанию социальных услуг, которые традиционно оказывает государство. В социальном секторе не стимулируется конкуренция.
  • The independence of budgetary institutions has not increased.
  • Не остановилась централизация во всех сферах управления: и регионы, и муниципальные образования стали еще более зависимы от федерального центра.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

  • The main thing that did not work out (and could not work out) was to switch to a new model of economic growthfocused on increasing labor productivity and long-term domestic sources of investment. On the contrary, in 2013–2019, the siloviki managed to discourage everyone from investing in Russia who had the opportunity to withdraw funds abroad and invest there.

,  What United Russia and Putin promised in the elections 10 years ago. And what did they do  , LIKE-A.RU

Статья from the newspaper of the government of the Russian Federation "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" for 2008.

The funny thing about all these promises and strategies is that there are still imbeciles who believe all these guys. They have been bred for 20 years, but they still vote for them. This, of course, is already something medical ...

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